Dress Code for High School

To help create the best learning environment for our students, the dress code for high school students must be followed by ALL of our students in grades 9-12.

• Shirts, blouses, and tops must have sleeves and be free of inappropriate words or pictures
• All tops must cover the body to eliminate any exposure of cleavage or midriff.
• No tank tops, camisoles or spaghetti straps.

• Docker style pants, knee length shorts, and capris in solid colors and prints are permitted.
• Jeans are permitted. (No rips, cuts, slits, frays, nor inappropriate designs)

• Athletic style shoes are recommended.
• Shoes must have closed toes and a back.
No Crocs. No flip-flops or sandals. No slippers. No high heels.

• Hoods are never permitted to be worn on campus.
• Inappropriate head coverings are not permitted on camus.
Examples of inappropriate headwear are: do-rags, bandanas, bonnets, shower caps, wave caps, stocking caps, etc.

ID Badges
• All students are required to wear a school identification badge at all times during school hours and on school grounds for safety reasons.

• Only clear or mesh backpacks or carrying bags will be permitted.
• Materials not meeting this standard are a potential safety hazard and will be confiscated by school administration.